In July 2017 after my Ford-Mozilla fellowship ends, I'll be continuing at Freedom of the Press Foundation as the Lead Developer of SecureDrop.

I'm currently a Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow at the the Freedom of the Press Foundation working on SecureDrop. I'm also a co-founder and member of the police accountability non-profit Lucy Parsons Labs.

Previously I was a postdoctoral scholar at the Center for Data Science and Public Policy at the Computation Institute and the Harris School for Public Policy at the University of Chicago. I was a technical mentor for the 2016 Data Science for Social Good Fellowship. Before that I was a 2015 Data Science for Social Good Fellow and an astrophysicist at the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics.

Current Projects

OpenOversight - Open Database of police officer faces and data to facilitate the submission of police complaints

SecureDrop - Anonymous whistleblowing system for news organizations to securely get leaks and tips (How SecureDrop Works)

Former Projects

Inside The Chicago Police Department's Secret Budget - Analysis of civil asset forfeiture data from Chicago

Police Early Intervention System - Machine learning system to predict police misconduct

Police Surveillance Primer - Introduction to police surveillance technology

CryptoParty Chicago - Organizing digital security trainings in Chicago

Guantanamo Prisoner Bot - Twitter bot sharing the length of time prisoners have been held without trial in the military prison at Guantanamo Bay


Slides from recent talks I have given can be found at Speaker Deck.

Academic Publications

You can see some of my publications here (astrophysics) and here (KDD).


Winter 2016


Drop me a line at jen@redshiftzero.com, jen@freedom.press, or on Twitter @redshiftzero.
My PGP fingerprint is 1308 98DB C324 62D4 1C7D 298E BCDF 35DB 90CC 0310. Other ways you can securely contact me can be found here.